Removable Draw Bar Kit


The TIGER Draw Bar Kit for residential lawn tractors features easy, tool-free installation and removal. Just insert, twist, and go!

  1. Insert the Spring-loaded draw bar into the guide hole in the base.
  2. Turn draw bar until it clicks into place.
  3. Connect to your lawn tractor’s tow hitch and go.

Tiger Turntable Collection Kit


The perfect pairing to a Walker Mowers GHS collection mower. Tow your TIGER chipper shredder anywhere your Walker fits, and chip/shred right into the mower’s collection bin for the ultimate in convenience!

Connect the TIGER Turntable Connection Kit to your Walker Mower*, as with the drawbar kit (Insert, twist, and go!). When you’re ready to use, simply rotate the TIGER chipper shredder into position on its turntable, adjust the output chute to the correct position, then start collecting your garden waste into the bin for removal. Easy!

*Available in kits for 7 and 10 bushel GHS mowers.