Single Feed Chute

TIGER’s diamond-shaped feed chute accepts material for BOTH chipping and shredding. Its clever design, paired with the secondary angle entry lip, provides a smoother, self-feeding action for branches and green waste up to 70 mm (CS7 models) and 90mm (CS9 models) in thickness.

TIGER designed diamond infeed chute
TIGER Chipper Shredder makes collection easy with raised exit chute

Easy Collection

Easily adjust the raised output chute to direct your mulch into wheelbarrows, garden beds, or trailers.

The optional TIGER Turntable Kit for Walker GHS mowers allows Walker owners to mulch directly into their mower catcher box for fast, no-mess convenience.

Easy to Move

Designed with you in mind, the TIGER chipper shredder has large, comfortable handles built into the feed chute for easy movement. Paired with large pneumatic tyres, the TIGER’s increased manoeuvrability means you can easily get it wherever you need to use it.

The new CS9-392VRT Road towable version is another option to move your TIGER around the yard or between properties.

TIGER easy to move around with built-in handles and good balance
TIGER 2 replaceable chipper blades chip fine mulch for faster composting

Chips Powerfully

Two high-quality, replaceable offset blades easily chip branches up to 70mm (CS7 models) and 90mm (CS9 models) in thickness into smaller, manageable chips. Finer and more consistent chip for faster composting – perfect for reuse in the garden.

Shreds Easily

There’s no unnecessary separation of branches and green waste for this TIGER’s capable shredder! Six double-edged shredder knives powerfully mulch green waste from the same chute. The TIGER shreds a consistently finer mulch that breaks down faster, returning nutrients to the soil. Perfect for reuse in your garden.

Tiger 6 shredder knives shred material to a fine consistent mulch
TIGER Chipper Shredder reduces garden waste to a consistent fine mulch with help of fixed gates

Reduce, Reuse,
and Recycle

TIGER’s cleverly designed cutting chamber features two fixed internal gates to keep garden waste inside until it’s mulched to a finer, more uniform size. Breaking branches and green waste down smaller and more evenly ensuring greater volume reduction, and faster composting, whether you’re using it on your gardens, or collecting and transporting for disposal.

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Low-maintenance Design

We worked hard to keep your TIGER chipper shredder running longer between regular services. Clever design choices like double-edge, reversible chipper blades, shredder knives, and chipping anvils, mean you can use your TIGER twice as long before having the wearable parts sharpened or replaced. All are manufactured from tough, abrasion resistant steel, and long-lasting, hardened carbon steel for durability and long service life.

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TIGER reliable 13HP Vanguard Engine

Power you Know
Power you Trust

We chose trusted Vanguard Engines as the powerful heart of all TIGER Chipper Shredders. Whether you choose the 6.5 HP, 10 HP, or 13 HP models, Vanguard Engines provides the performance and reliability you know and trust.